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Why Design Mobel

Design Mobel is a respected, New Zealand owned, design-led business who believe in the power and the science of a good night’s sleep. Sleep is a vital contributor to life in many ways. Quite apart from the transformation of the mind that occurs in the bedroom during sleep, there is a lesser recognised transformation of our physical being. A state in which our physical selves are renewed. Restored by the healthy process of our sleep cycle. When you think of it in this way, you see why it is our belief that the bed is not a commodity. The bed is a valuable, contributor to our daily well-being.

Design Mobel have developed mattress ranges using two unique core technologies. The Latex core provides excellent support and comfort through the elasticity and flexibility of natural rubber. The Pocket Spring design responds to your individual body shape and weight whilst minimising partner disturbance.
Design Mobel can be found exclusively through participating Beds R Us, Bedpost and McKenzie & Willis stores nationwide. Find your nearest retailer now.